Quality Policy & Certificates

Akloma will develop and deliver easy-to-use and effective medical devices that will increase quality of life for the general public. Our products will meet our customer’s requirements, demands and expectations on product quality, effect and lead time.

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Research and Publications

Research and Publications

Our research is focused on discovery and development of quality-of-life improving products and technologies in the fields of medical devices and food and beverages.

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Akloma Bioscience AB, A Swedish based company, and Integrated Tissue Dynamics (INTiDYN), a New York based company, are in advanced discussions regarding a strategic collaboration between the two companies aimed at accelerating the research and commercialisation of Akloma’s technology platform for existing and future applications and indications.

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Highest credit score

Akloma BioScience AB has been given the Highest Credit Score by UC, Sweden´s leading business and credit reference agency.