Management Team

Joachim Hjerpe 
Chairman of the Board.

Joachim Hjerpe
Acting Managing Director
Gothenburg, Sweden. Born 1962

Vice President at AB Volvo and an experienced expert on strategy, business development and operational management. Joakim has a MBA; Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg

Stefan Johansson, Managing Director

Stefan Johansson
Senior Advisor
Stockholm, Sweden. Born 1966

Stefan Johansson has 30 years of global business experience from several senior top management positions in various industries, companies and countries. He has a proven track-record as a CEO and has developed and created winning operations for the world leading company, Tetra Pak, around the globe.

Stefan has in all his assignments implemented change which consistently has delivered considerable financial improvements, rapid growth, stronger organisations, enhanced competitiveness and delighted customers in everything from small local start-up’s, regional as well as in the world-leading companies.

Stefan has an Executive Master of Business Administration degree from Scandinavian Management Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ebbe Damm.  
CFO/COO, Member of the Board & Founder

Ebbe Damm
CFO/COO, Member of the Board & Founder
Stockholm, Sweden. Born 1969

Ebbe Damm is the Chief Financial and Operating Officer of Akloma Bioscience AB, a founder of the company and a member of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Damm has extensive diverse experience in the fields of corporate management and business development. He is a global entrepreneur who has owned and managed several start-up companies as well as a large franchise.

Having worked and lived in the U.S. and abroad, he has focused expertise in complex financial transactions, corporate investment strategy, and corporate management across a broad array of industries. His career success in owning and operating many profitable business ventures are indicative of his talents in driving strategy, leadership, and operations.

Benny Johansson 
Director of R&D, Member of the Board & Founder

Benny Johansson
Director of R&D, Member of the Board & Founder
Malmö, Sweden. Born 1952

Benny Johansson is the Director of Research and Development of Akloma Biosciences AB, a founder of the company and a member of the Board of Directors. Dr. Johansson holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Clinical Chemistry and a Master Degree of Science in Biochemistry.

Dr. Johansson is a Senior Research Scientist at Scandinavian International University at Örebro. Dr. Johansson specializes in experimental clinical chemistry and has authored numerous scientific papers. Prior to his appointment at Örebro, Dr. Johansson worked at the Institute of Clinical Chemistry at SUS, Malmö, Sweden and at AstraZeneca. Dr. Johansson is a member of the International Society for Mental Training and Excellence (ISMTE) and the International Union of Scientific and Applied Bioelectrography.

Dr. Johansson is the recipient of a Swedish innovation award for his work in the fields of clinical chemistry, drug and toxicology analysis. He also holds several patent applications and is a regular speaker at national and international conferences in the fields of clinical chemistry, mental training, bioelectrography and subtle qualities of water.