Quality Policy

Akloma will develop and deliver easy-to-use and effective medical devices that will increase quality of life for the general public. Our products will meet our customer’s requirements, demands and expectations on product quality, effect and lead time. Akloma and Akloma’s medical devices will also meet applicable regulatory demands at any given time.

To achieve this, Akloma will assure that all staff and associates are well informed of these requirements and dedicated to the task of fulfilling them.

By continuous surveillance of our customers feedback and by identifying potential improvements, Akloma strives to run a business that constantly increases our customer’s satisfaction and confidence in our products.

The Patent Strategy

An important part of Akloma Bioscience's strategy involves protecting know-how through strong patents. Patent protection covers the discovery of methods and processes, as well as user areas and products on a global basis. A patent entails exclusive rights to make commercial use of a discovery. Strong patent protection is thus a pre-requisite for a company such as Akloma to invest in developing and commercializing a product.


Akloma Bioscience improves quality of life for millions of people all over the world.